Testing Round Up – Risi Competizione
It’s a 2003 chassis here at the Sebring Test, with a new 2004 chassis from Micheletto due to arrive before the Sebring 12 Hours - concludes Russell Wittenberg. A development motor was in the car up until it let go on Tuesday evening. It had already been run for 4000 km before Risi got it so it was not new but the team was impressed by it, with an overall improvement in power throughout the rev. range.

dailysportscar.comRick Mayer on the switch to Pirelli tyres: “The Michelin were great tyres no question. But they were developed for the rear engined Porsche, which is a very different car from the Ferrari. We also noticed last year that on slower tracks like Miami, the Pirelli shod teams were actually better than us through the corners. So we took a more serious look at them this off-season and have been impressed. They sincerely want to work with us and develop a tyre for the Ferrari. The 360s have a tendency for the rear end to be unstable. The Pirelli tyre seems to have really helped that and the front has better grip now at low speed. They have brought a nice range of tyres to the test and they are very consistent. There is also enough division between the different compounds that you can really tell the difference. The series needed another tyre manufacturer to step up and provide a top of the line product. But really, it’s the Pirelli Girls, good tyres are just a bonus!”

In a vaguely related piece of news, lead Risi truck driver, Scott Wolfe, who has been with the team since '98, is a big DSC fan, and reads the site daily. However, his commitment to keeping up with the latest news has finally caught him out: he was found reading the site once too often – and has been relieved of his duties.



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