Pirelli Testing At Sebring (Preview)
Barry Foster of the local News Sun newspaper popped in to Sebring this afternoon, to keep an eye on Pirelli testing there.

A significant item that we haven’t announced yet is that Risi Competizione will be running Pirellis in the ALMS this year, and is due at Sebring this week. As of late this afternoon, the team hadn’t arrived, but “they are on their way,” was the verdict from the circuit.

But both Hypersport and ACEMCO are set up at the track. Hypersport has last year's Panoz Esperante, but reportedly they are looking for delivery of two new vehicles. "You won't be able to see any difference in the body work, but it will be completely different underneath," said a team member. In the meantime they plan to use the existing car at the track to work on "some traction issues."

The two, silver ACEMCO Saleens were delivered today: they are complete virgins, never having been run before. As a result, the cars weren’t on the track by 16.15. Serious testing looks as though it will start tomorrow, Johnny Mowlem and Terry Borcheller driving. ACEMCO has "100%" support from Saleen, and three company technicians were present.

More from the circuit on Tuesday / Wednesday.


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