Bahrain GT Festival - Wednesday

Photography by David Lord

Croydon And Sharpe - Tech 9's GT2 Crew
Michelin's Bahrain Man
Nick Adcock Leaves The Circuit - Quickly

A Traffic Jam Nobody Minded Being Stuck Behind
A Quick Run Down To The Mall
Autograph Time

"But Where Is Colin Blower?"
Great Promotion By The Race Organisers
Tickets On Sale In The Seef Mall

Morgans Old And New
The DDO Saleen Attracts A Crowd
SRO's Fiona Pawley Enjoys A Ride In The Morgan

Move Over!
Damax Ferrari 360 And Gillet Vertigo On Manama's Streets
Three Wide On The King Faisal Highway

The Car In Front Is A Toyota - The One Behind Is A JCB
Public Spectacle - Public Art
Close Encounter Of The Ferrari Kind

Paris - Peking Morgan Way Off Course!
Three Go Mad On The Isa Bin Salman Causeway
What Red Light?

This Was Not Moving Slowly
Screaming Ferrari And Rumbling Morgan
Western GTs Meet Bahrain's Grand Mosque

Billy Hits The Loud Pedal
Vintage Lambo - Nutter In A Porsche
Paul Mace Had Pre-Ordered Lunch

Jaw Dropping Looks And Soundtrack From The US Carworld Viper
Still A Crowd Pleaser - Lightwieght E-Type
Take Him Away Boys - Hindhaugh Gets More Than He Bargained For When He Orders Chips With Everything
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