Spa 2003 Miles - Evening

The race remains open during the evening hours, even if some of the frontrunners have hit problems, some small and some more important. The #1 Duller BMW of Bouvy and Quester Jr. has big transmission problems. The car is probably out of the race even if the latter is rather difficult during this race… If a competitor stalls on the track he or she is brought back to the pitlane by truck. If the team manages to repair the car the driver is allowed to continue. This means that after five hours, officially there are no (!) retirements.

Just after the five hour mark, Fanny Duchateau goes off the track with the Audi A4. She was only one lap behind the leading Jaguar. The safety car is out and the car regains its box on the service truck. The damage is significant and probably the Audi (below) will be out.

The Lupant BMW #6 is second and only two seconds behind the Jaguar of David Sterckx. The surprising #55 Belgian Racing BMW STW is third; the car is a Belcar regular. Further on we find Philipp Peter in the #2 BMW GTR having a great stint. The car is now back among the frontrunners, and moving up to third position.

The American Honda is first in the –2000 cc category (sixth overall) and the A+ Toyota Yaris is 15h and leading the –1600 cc. Right before the six hour mark the #55 BMW gets stuck on the track, losing a splendid third place due to a broken throttle cable…

Standings After 6 Hours
1. #6 Lupant BMW Silhouette 124 Laps
2. #9 Jaguar Silhouette 1”39s
3. #2 Duller BMW M3 E46 -5 L
4. #8 KS Motorsport BMW M3 -6 L
5. #75 CH BMW M3 -7 L
6. #33 SSR Honda Civic-R -8 L (1st in –2000 cc)
7. #44 Brother BMW Compact -11 L
8. #11 PINO BMW Silhouette -12 L
9. #55 Bracing BMW M3 -12 L
10. #3 PYC Renault Clio -14 L

15. #84 A+ Toyota Yaris (1st –1600 cc)

Race Quotes

Christian Lahaye (meeting organizer): “We are happy at this moment, maybe there should have been 10 cars more and 10.000 spectators more but we know we made the right decision to reinstall this Touring Classic. I’m very surprised by the level of the Silhouettes. Never before has one of these cars run more than four hours and they are still out and in front. We certainly will come back for the 2004 miles.”

Alain Corbisier (#11 Pino BMW Silhouette): “We lost some time in the opening laps with a broken alternator. But we’re confident to climb up the rankings again. The silhouettes have a very reliable engine and transmission but we’re not very optimistic about the ‘peripheral’ parts such as the electrics.”

Philip Jacobs (team manager A+ Yaris team) “Our cars are of course not very fast with the little 1500 cc engine, but the car is very reliable. Being in the top 15 after six hours is great but maybe there’s more. This is an original Cup car except for the fuel tank, the tires and the rev limiter. I’m just somewhat ‘frustrated’ not to drive myself (Philip is leading the Yaris Cup in Belgium) but next year there is a mile more to race…”

Jan-Frans Lemmens and Joost Custers


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