Le Mans 1000 Km - Sunday - Very Early Report
It's Wet

The first rain (for how long?) fell before midnight last night, and a heavy drizzle was falling until 07.00 today, but by 07.30, it had stopped. Whether that means that the forecast we received was spot on, and it's now going to clear - or whether there's more rain to come - remains to be seen. There's not enough light out there as this is written to even have a clue.....

It will be wet and slippery for the 09.00 warm up though, but if Amanda Stretton thought it was slippery yesterday morning, today is going to be much worse - at least to start with.

She has Dunlops on the TVR though, and Andy Wallace wasn't averse to a wet race: "The Dunlop wets are excellent."

Remember how the DBA led the Goh Audi at Spa, in the wet? The RfH Dome didn't match those two at the end of August: can it match the R8 in November?

The Lister LMP has never, ever run on a wet track, and neither has the GT pole sitting Ferrari, of course.

The weather adds just another factor (temperature, after effects of the truck race, gravel, traffic) to the prospects of an intriguing race.

PS.As the sky lightens approaching 08.00, there doesn't seem to be any sign of the heavy overcast clearing in the immediate future, and it's drizzling again.


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