Le Mans 1000 Km - Official Action Underway
"Traffic, Traffic" - And Cold

Jan Lammers was the first man out this morning, as befits a potential winner who hadn't explored the track.

It's chilly here, perhaps six to eight degrees air temperature, and getting heat into the tyres was clearly the problem for all. The four cars that caught our attention early on were the two Prodive Ferraris, the Panoz GTP and the Interport Lola. Jon Field was clearly on some kind of a mission, the little blue car twitching around on its opening laps. The 550s looked and sounded superb (1500 km of testing here this week), the Panoz GTP likewise, but in entirely different ways - while the Audi was undramatic, and fastest by the end of the only period of free practice. Jon Field was second quickest.

Johnny Mowlem was out first in the Seikel Porsche, and he went quickest in GT by 20 minutes in, with Robin Liddell second - but by the end, the Cirtek Ferrari was fastest, from Freisinger, PK (Liddell going faster) and Mowlem. "I only had one clear lap, and we were on half tanks. We're not using tyre heaters, and it takes 3-4 laps to get them warm. It wasn't a mega lap."

Tommy Erdos wished he'd had had more track time, but was enjoying every minute in the RML MG-Lola, but "there wasn't one lap when I didn't pass at least three cars. This morning, the tyres wouldn't get to within 30 degrees of an ideal temperature, so the grip level seemed lower than on Thursday - but we were on full tanks."


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