LMES - Silverstone - And Finally, From Silverstone’s LMES...

We could probably fill a book on this event – perhaps we already have?

Some round-up notes here, and images from some of the entries that might have been overlooked (we need five of us, as we do at Le Mans, to cover an entry of this size – and these races are only a quarter of the duration, or a little bit less.

Sebah’s #89
What about Nielsen / Thyrring / Ehret, third in GT2? The burly German (with the French name) had started Monza’s race, and ‘got into trouble’ with his team-mates, for having an incident or two. Lars Erik Nielsen started this one, and he put in the drive of his life, for two and a half hours. Both of Hugh Hayden’s Sebah Porsches were in contention almost throughout the ‘1000 Km’ – which is a real tribute to his preparation. Wiper trouble did afflict the RSR, but Thorkild Thyrring and Pierre Ehret drove through that problem, and took a memorable third place at 22.00. Thorkild very graciously handed dsc his bottle of champagne! What a star that boy is!


G-Force Courage
The link here is the colour orange: the #89 carried dsc stickers (and we’re orange), as did the G-Force Courage – and that’s very orange.

The Belgian team was back with its original chassis (after dramas at Le Mans and a replacement there), but Friday practice was the first serious mileage put on the rebuilt C65, as Frank Hahn explained to Joost Custers:

“After Le Mans we had no time for testing, all the time and resource we had went into the rebuild of our original chassis and some development work. We've had little or no technical issues today and have seen real progress both with the chassis set-up and with the Judd powerplant."

Post-race, Hahn wasn’t quite so happy. “Whilst it's great that we had absolutely no technical problems at all, and took a championship point, there was disappointment that Tim Greaves was involved in a few race incidents: all in all we lost about ten laps. That certainly costs us a top 15 finish overall and, more importantly, a top 5 finish in LMP2. But after all, we scored our first point and we know that this could be the basis for the rest of the season.”

G-Force is after a podium at the Nurburgring.


#53 A:Level Porsche
Now this one is very orange! dsc stickers too….

Wolfgang Kaufmann: “For me it was fantastic: the weather made it very difficult, but I handed the car over in the lead – and not because the others had problems, but because of our performance. But we could have won…..

“I moved the seat backwards for Marcel Tiemann – and it jammed, in the ‘all the way back’ position. I tried to move it, Marcel tried to move it – then the team tried to move it. We lost a lot of time.

“I drove the last stint, but I was too far from the pedals – and the screen was covered with oil, and the lights weren’t very good, and we had to be careful with fuel, to avoid another pit stop. But third place was very good for the team. I hope it rains at the Nurburgring!”

The A:Level crew was another to work late into Friday night to have their car ready for qualifying on Saturday morning. It wasn’t a class win, but third place was still a huge achievement for this team, with a heavily re-engineered car.


Tracsport Tampolli
More dsc stickers here – and look at this night shot by Paul Cherry – from Friday evening (Eddy Morris at the wheel). Del Delaronde did a great job with the livery, but the shame of it was that the car was out before 17 year old Eddy Morris had a chance to race it. The ‘more mature’ drivers were full of praise for the youngster – who should get his chance in just over a fortnight, at the Nurburgring.



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