LMES - Istanbul - Hour 6


Follow the money in racing and you’ll find a spinning car. So it is with the No. 99 Ferrari as Gabrio Rosa pirouettes and the GT2 class lead eventually passes back to the Scuderia Ecosse Modena.

Guy Smith is back in the third place No. 39 Lola. Were he to regain second spot then Gareth Evans would capture the class title and a kiss from race beauty Malcolm Cracknell. First he (Smith, not Cracknell) has to get past Thed Bjork—suddenly 2nd in class in the unheralded Horag Lista Lola. Effectively, he’s now driving for RML.

In the overall contest the No. 17 Pescarolo is clearly command again. Ortelli is simply no match for Boullion. Henri expained that his team changed tyres at every stop, and it was the right decision.

Pescatori (No. 51) still had to contend with the Menx Ferrari for GT1 honors. However, this ended later in the hour when Kox went off at Turn 11. The No. 67 Maranello took several minutes before it was able to continue and dropped to third in the big production class, behind the “B” BMS Ferrari, No. 52 of Fabio Babini. That left four BMS drivers on 35 points.

No. 99 still had a fleeting shot at GT2, but as the minutes slipped past it was increasingly clear that Kirkaldy would hang on to the win except to Kirkaldy, who had no wiper blade. Others continued to have problems…. The No. 89 Sebah Porsche had another lurid spin. It limped back, but Seikel would now take third. Bodywork was beginning to hang down from the No. 13 Courage.

The rain increased to perhaps its highest intensity over the last 20 minutes. It was much darker in reality than it appeared on TV. Visibility was almost nil. One star shone through. Jason Tachincioglu, aboard the No. 9 Zytek was the fastest car on the course bar the Audi. Fast was a relative term as lap times were lengthening to 30-40 seconds off of everyone’s best.

With 5 minutes to go Boullion was circulating very, very slowly, completing one tour at nearly three minutes. The gap to the Audi came down to about a minute, but the conditions would not really allow Ortelli to respond. Boullion only needed to finish—something that became a greater challenge with each lap. Indeed, the goal now was simply to time ones’ crossing of the finish line so as to minimize how many more times it would take to get around.

Amidst all this, Bjork spun twice and Smith was able to retake second in LM P2 – and that gave Gareth Evans the title – and the kiss. There was a last bit of drama when the No. 7 DBA spun and then recovered.

The two leaders final laps were completed in the 2:35 range, clearly just trying to finish. All managed to do so. Despite the dominance of the Pescarolo, it was a race of endless drama with numerous championships decided in the closing hours.

We’ll wrap it all up before we leave here tonight.

Provisional Result
1 17 Pescarolo Sport COLLARD EmmanuelBOULLION Jean-Christ Pescarolo C60 LM1 ==173== 1:51.813 5
2 4 Audi Playstation Oreca ORTELLI StephaneMcNISH Allan Audi R8 LM1 ==172== 1:54.281 5
3 7 Creation Autosportif MINASSIAN NicolasDELETRAZ Jean-DenisCAMPBELL WALTER J DBA 03S Judd LM1 ==171== 1:53.438 5
4 15 Zytek Motorsport SHIMODA HayanariCHILTON TomELGAARD Casper Zytek 04S LM1 ==170== 1:54.437 6
5 9 Team Jota FISKEN GregorHANCOCK SamTAHINCIOGLU Jason Zytek 04S LM1 ==168== 1:56.063 5
6 25 RML NEWTON MikeERDOS Tommy MG Lola EX 264 LM2 ==164== 1:56.375 6
7 39 Chamberlain Synergy Motor EVANS GarethOWEN PeterSMITH Guy Lola AER LM2 ==163== 1:55.906 5
8 8 Rollcentre Racing BARBOSA JoaoSHORT MartinICKX Vanina Dallara Judd LM1 1:13.625 1:54.563 6
9 27 Horag Lista Racing THEYS DidierBJORK Thed Lola B05/40 LM2 ==162== 1:58.094 5
10 51 BMS Scuderia Italia BARTYAN MichelePESCATORI CristianSEILER Toni Ferrari 550Maranello GT1 ==161== 2:01.563 5
11 52 BMS Scuderia Italia CRESSONI MatteoBABINI FabioRAMOS Miguel Ferrari 550Maranello GT1 ==159== 2:04.375 4
12 32 Team Barazi BARAZI JuanVERGERS Michael Courage C65 AER LM2 12.250 1:56.875 6
13 67 Menx PERGL RobertKOX PeterLAMY Pedro Ferrari 550Maranello GT1 ==157== 2:03.563 5
14 61 Convers Team BOUCHUT ChristopheTURNER DarrenVASILIEV Alexey Ferrari 550Maranello GT1 17.282 2:02.687 5
15 18 Rollcentre Racing PRIMAT HaroldJOUANNY Bruce Dallara Judd LM1 ==155== 1:57.594 6
16 93 Scuderia Ecosse KIRKALDY AndrewKINCH Nathan Ferrari 360 Modena GT2 19.094 2:07.813 4
17 99 GPC Sport ROSA GabrioDRUDI LucaMELO Jaime Ferrari 360 Modena GT2 20.656 2:05.750 4
18 83 Seikel Motorsport COLLIN PhilipFELBERMAYR SeniorFELBERMAYR Junior Porsche 996 GT3 RS GT2 ==152== 2:11.437 3
19 89 Sebah Automotive NIELSEN Lars-ErikTHYRRING ThorkildEHRET Pierre Porsche 996 GT3 RSR GT2 ==151== 2:11.625 3
20 36 Paul Belmondo Racing GOSSELIN Claude-YvesVOSSE VincentOJJEH Karim Courage C65 Ford LM2 ==150== 1:57.844 4
21 13 Courage Competition FREI AlexanderGOUNON Jean-Marc Courage C60 Judd LM1 ==148== 1:59.937 6
22 28 Ranieri Randaccio RANDACCIO RanieriMANCINI Fabio Tampolli McLaren LM2 1:34.844 2:01.937 9
23 95 RaceSport Peninsula TVR HARTSHORNE JohnSTANTON RichardPEARSON Rick TVR Tuscan T400R GT2 ==146== 2:12.969 4
24 68 JMB Racing KUTEMANN PeterGOSSE AntoineDAOUDI Stephane Ferrari 575 GTC GT1 33.187 2:06.063 6
25 73 Ice Pol Racing Team LAMBERT YvesLEFORT ChristianPALLTALA Markus Porsche 996 GT3 RSR GT2 ==142== 2:09.969 4
26 57 Paul Belmondo Racing SOMMEREAU DidierPAPOLLA Jean-MichelWASOVER Stephan Chrysler Viper GTSR GT1 ==134== 2:14.718 7


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