LMES - Spa-Francorchamps - Post-Race Quotes
Jamie Davies: “This makes up a bit for the disappointment at Le Mans. The team made some great calls with the Safety Cars and it gave us the chance for the race to come back to us.”

(In answer to the question – Where does this trophy fit in with your career?) –

“I think it will be fitting in somewhere at Sam Li’s house.”

Johnny Herbert: “It’s been a very difficult championship – The Zyteks have been very quick on their Dunlops and with so few races in the LMES any race in which you have a problem could have meant a big difference in the championship result.

“For the future who knows – my 2004 season is only halfway over. I have two more races in the Maserati and then two races in the ALMS with Pierre (Kaffer). I certainly still want to win Le Mans again.

Sam Hancock: “That was the most enjoyable two hours of my motorsport life so far – To race in such a great car at such a fabulous circuit and to win a championship doing it – Just wonderful.”

Wolfgang Ullrich (on 50 Audi R8 race wins); “You don’t think when you start a project like this that it will be this successful this quickly. It doesn’t happen very often I suppose. If the rules allow it I’d like to have one more year with the opportunity for more wins for the car.”

Mike Jankowski (Creation team owner): "38th to third isn't bad then? Nic takes Eau Rouge flat even on cold tyres, so he was anticipating a battle into Les Combes on the first lap. Jamie, Nic, the whole team, Dunlop - we're very pleased. Up to five and a half hours into the race, we'd lost 11 minutes more in the pits than the Audis, and we were four laps behind at that point. We probably had the fastest car in the race. Now we go to Petit and Laguna Seca."

Good news from Martin Short at Liege Hospital on Patrick Pearce’s condition: “He’s got a pretty serious concussion and is feeling quite sore down his right hand side but the hospital were fantastic, they did a full body and brain scan and he’s got a clean bill of health.”

Driver Championships

Davies / Herbert 34 points
McNish / Kaffer 28
Capello / Ara 27

Hancock / Frei 30

Bouchut / Lamy / Zacchia 35

Rusinov 25

Ortelli 24
Pompidou 22
Maassen / Jones / Daoudi 21


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