LMES - Spa-Francorchamps - Final Hour
Sam Hignett gets into the sixth placed Jota Zytek to finish the race. He could catch the RML Lola. He sets this car's best lap of the race, a 2:08.

JC-W: "I feel as though I've now really adapted to the car. We'll run a little more conservatively now - but we could have won this race."

Goh hasn't given up: Capello sets a 2:06.787 on his new rubber. "We'll keep on pushing," says the Team Manager.

The Tracsport Lola, fourth in LMP2, has a spin and continues - just ahead of the Bruneau Pilbeam, for position (fourth in class - 18th overall). The new Lucchini is closing in on these two.

It's now official: Le Mans Test Day June 5, Le Mans 24 Hours June 18/19, 2005. News brought to you from an ACO official.

With the #61 B-C Ferrari fourth in class, Mike Hezemans is chasing the #87 Larbre Ferrari. Enge got out of this one after a double stint, leaving Robert Pergl to finish the race (?). Enge: "I was double stinting the tyres and had a lot of oversteer towards the end. I was like Colin McRae everywhere. It was quite difficult to jump straight from one car (F3000) to another."

Hezemans then pits for the last time. Change of plan at Larbre: Enge gets back into the #87 Ferrari, for a race to the flag.

The Lucchini LMP2 seems to be in trouble. The team were rocking it, presumably gear bothers.

The GNM Saleen has had an evenful race. Phil Bennett reports that the car lost a wheel at one point, and then lost third gear. He wasn't as happy as he was at the 'Ring, or Silverstone.

Martin Short reports that Pat Pearce has gone to Liege Hospital with his father, and Short seems happy that the young man is basically OK. So is the tub of the Dallara. "It's Le Mans all over again," he concluded. He's 99% certain to run a Dallara again next year.

"We cured the porpoising and the car was fantastic today. We had a new tyre from Dunlop and we could do quadruple stints on them. The DBA is using the same compound, and look how quick JC-W is going."

As it stands in GT, it will be JMB and Sebah who earn the LM GT places - which seems fair, as Freisinger will have a place or two thanks to success in FIA GTs.

Five and a half hours: the DBA is in trouble. This is a cruel race. Minassian is limping pitwards. .. but he only had a flat left front tyre.

The Racesports TVR has stopped on track - after an eventful race. We'll catch up with this team's news post-race. No we won't: we find that Steve Hyde lost all power at the Pif Paf, but is trying to restart the car and finish the race.

The Autorlando Porsche seems to be in gear selection trouble, and the JMB Ferrari is catching it for fifth. This could be significant in terms of team points and LM places. The Autorlando Porsche pits.

GT: #85 - #93 - #80 - #81 - #70 - #75. With 25 minutes left, Collard completed a slowish lap in the class leader, then seemed to get back up to speed.

Sam Hancock is catching the Miguel Ramos Lola for fourth, but Sam Hignett flying along is in the 2:07s and catching them both. Ramos then laps faster than Hancock....

Enge is lapping a second faster than Hezemans, for P2 in GTS.

Gosselin in the revived Belmondo Courage is catching Collard for position (eighth). The Panoz (sixth in LMP1! - on its last ever appearance?) looks as though it will pass the Sebah Porsche on this lap (the leader's 138th - with 14 minutes left). 1000 KM or six hours - it will be very tight.

GT finally seems to have settled down. The order is as above.

Ramos - Hancock - Hignett in fourth, fifth and sixth look as though they will finish in this order.

The Safety Cars have completed 19 laps each!

Eight minutes remaining and the GT class leader pits - a splash and dash.

The two leaders are separated by a lap and 10 seconds. Jamie Davies has set a 2:14, Capello a 2:08.

The RML Lola pits (for a splash) and loses a place to Sam Hancock, who goes fourth in the LMP2 clas leader (winner). #7 also loses a place to the flying Hignett, who takes fifth.

Davies sets a 2:22 in #88, and the Audis are right together, and they will complete the 144 laps - in a minute short of six hours.

Oddly, Collard goes faster than ever before in #85, as does Enge in #87 - neither is trying to catch anyone!

So Davies and Capello cross the line together, but a lap apart. Davies and Herbert are the LMP1 championship winners, the key point in this race being the choice of intermediates for #88 on lap 30, while the Goh Audi used wets.

Provisional Points
Veloqx #88 34 pts

Veloqx #8 28
Goh #5 27
Creation #3 12

Courage #13 30 pts

Bruneau #99 26
Tracsport #27 15
WR #36 14

Larbre #86 35 pts

Barron Connor #61 20.5
#62 14
GNM #52 13

Sebah 26 pts

JMB #70 25
Freisinger #85 24
Cirtek #93 21.

The fiftieth win for the Audi R8! Herbert's first motor racing title since Formula Three in 1987. Davies - British GTs in 2002, Le Mans (GTS) in 2003, LMES in 2004.

Yves Courage - three wins out of three in LMES.

Sebah - fifth at Monza, second at Nurburgring and Silverstone and third at Spa. What a performance.

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