LMES – Silverstone – Race Report 4 - Last 40 Minutes
At least we think it will be about a 5 hour 40 minute race.

At 15 minutes into the sixth hour, Daoudi pits for a splash of fuel in the GT leader.

Robbie Kerr may not be able to catch any of the Audis ahead, but he's still down into the 1:38s with less than half an hour left.

Phil Bennett pits the GNM Saleen for Paul Whight to go to the finish. Ortelli is really hustling the Yukos Porsche, into the 1:54s.

Capello has 27 seconds advantage on Herbert, with 12 laps left to go.

Taurus news: the longest stint the car completed was a 32 lapper, the team having hoped to cover 40 laps between refills. Whereas foaming of the fuel hadn't been a problem at Le Mans, it has been here, preventing them from completely filling the tank. The car was withdrawn after a crankshaft oil seal failed, the team concerned that they would be black flagged had they continued. At one point the engine wouldn't rev beyond 3,500 revs, but that had been cured. This has been the Lola diesel's longest run so far, ever (105 laps, about 300 miles).

Lister news: the car had steering problems after contact with the Jota Zytek, but it was eliminated when a brake pad simply disappeared. Barff: "It's a shame because it's the strongest the car has ever run, that I'm aware of. Both Justin and I got into the low 1:40s."

189 laps and Capello has 40 seconds over Herbert, and is haring round closely followed by Kerr - who unlapped himself at Abbey... and immediately pitted. With the Nasamax in fifth place, Kerr has a ten lap advantage on the nearest car behind him.

Pompidou made a quick stop for a splash in the second placed Sebah Porsche. Oddly, it was Herbert who pitted as McNish had three laps left to run: tyres. Having done that, the Goh mechanics emerged for what has to be a tiny splash of fuel - and the Goh car has to secure second place now, with almost a lap on Herbert.

LMP2 will be as it has been for many laps now - Courage way ahead of WR, with the Palmyr car third. Two laps to go and the RML Lola passes the pits on fire, but Miguel Ramos appears to switch off and coast towards the Hangar Straight.

McNish and Kaffer take the win, Larbre makes it three out of three in GTS - and have to be crowned champions, don't they? - with the #62 Barron-Connor Ferrari and the GNM Saleen completing the podium, the Courage wins LMP2, and Stephane Daoudi masterminds JMB's win in GT. Xavier Pompidou is at the wheel of a second placed Sebah car again, so Hugh Hayden seems to be heading towards a Le Mans entry in 2005.

Great results for Zytek (fourth and sixth) and Nasamax (fifth) - and almost a great result for the Chamberlain-Synergy TVR. At least TVRs finished sixth and seventh in class.


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