LMES – Silverstone – Post-Race Quotes

Allan McNish: "It's a bit bizarre: the balance of the car evolved during the race and got better and better. I backed off at the end, so that I didn't need to make a stop for a splash of fuel."

Johnny Herbert: "It's a bit confusing - we got the understeer back that we had at the Nurburgring." Johnny was puzzled as to why he was called in for another stop right at the end of the race.

Rinaldo Capello: "The car was much better at the end, I think because the temperature was cooler."

Stephane Daoudi: "The jacking system didn't work so we had to use the mechanical jacks. We had a big lead, and at one point Emmanuel Collard came past me, so I sat behind him for about ten laps, just to let him know that we are very competitive."

Xavier Pompidou: "I think I will be drunk tonight. Piers' first stint was a great one. For the second time we have come second with a 2000 car."

Sam Hancock (apparently pronounced “En Cock”) – “It’s a special day for me. I had my first ever run in a race car here, at the wheel of a John Village Vauxhall Junior. We told the team I was 16 but I was just a bit ‘illegal’, still 15. Astonishingly the test was on the Grand Prix circuit and I remember thinking that the Hangar Straight was long enough to have a cup of tea while you went along it.”

Piers Masarati – “The only problem I had all day was when either Alzen or Bartels ran out of talent and nearly took the front end off. That left me with a broken wheel but other than that it was the perfect race.”

Last story for today: Robin Liddell brought the T2M Porsche in with about 20 minutes to go - with a broken driveshaft. The mechanics threw themselves at the task, and a massive effort had the Porsche out to complete the race - in 25th place, ninth in GT.


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