Nurburgring 1000 Review Gallery

Photography by David Lord

Jan 6 2005: Six months after the event, here's a look back to the second of the 2004 LMES races. We wanted to acknowledge and review the maiden LMES season, but having failed to review it before Christmas, it seemed a little late to try and do so now (with a conventional piece of text).

Not for us a quick scramble through five top teams, ignoring the rest - or a one-to-ten of the "best" drivers in the series. Such 'we pick the top ten in series X' nonsense just isn't for us. We can acknowledge a brilliant Allan McNish triple stint as well as great work from a Maassen or a Jones, but as for putting drivers from different classes in some kind of overall order... well, we'll leave that to others. Perhaps we're just old fashioned 'farts' here, but we're not going to change with fashion. You don't want us dumbing anything down, do you?

So here's a look back at the 'Ring 1000 Km, and some of the many people and cars (yes, both) that made this a memorable weekend in the mountains. If we've missed a significant entry here, no doubt they'll crop up when we look at the other races.

The perfect race for Cirtek, Maassen and Jones?
Bad luck (a duff alternator) at Monza saw their LMES title bid off to a bad start, but the 'Ring win made amends. Engine trouble at Silverstone was the knock-out punch though.

Second in GT for Sebah - "thank you very much," Hugh Hayden might have said - the incident for #85 ultimately ensuring that the GT title went to the British team, with its much-developed GT3-R.
There's nothing more pleasing than to see the underdogs achieve success. Could such a result have happened in any other GT class in 2004? Good choice of series, Hugh!
Well done Marino Franchitti and Xavier Pompidou - more joy to come for the Frenchman

Very mixed fortunes for these two RSRs - an early spin on the damp stuff for Robin Liddell preceded a mighty charge back through the field, only for Mike Jordan to trip up in similar fashion. Jordan was almost speechless in disbelief afterwards.
Not a good weekend for the Freisinger car, disqualified for a refuelling infringement (wasn't it - it's still a confusing episode) right at the end, while chasing the Cirtek Porsche for the win

Martin Short in his Dallara - the second one, after dramas at Le Mans.
He and Chris East at Deutsche Bank thought long and hard about the prospect of buying a pair of Dallaras - but they took the plunge, and created stories wherever they raced.
Popping Joao Barbosa in the car was an inspired move.
With Patrick Pearce, they finished sixth at the Nurburgring. What adventures in store for Rollcentre in 2005? What a great sponsor!

This was endurance / prototype racing at its best. Minassian leads Herbert and Kaffer - then the Audi men pounced, passing on either side of the Creation DBA. #8's crew made the better tyre choice than #88's, and it was the first win of two for Kaffer and McNish.
JC-W and NM were a very competitive third at the end - and got better and better as the season unfolded
A very pleasant contrast - a Lola from one era and a Lola from another - with yet another era about to unfold for Lola's latest product. Mike Newton is at the wheel here, and his heart is set on more endurance endeavours in the LMES in 2005.
The RML car was seventh in LMP1, the Tracsport B2K / 40 third in LMP2, a fantastic debut result
The Eifel weather. What on earth is in store at Spa in April 2005?
Sam Hancock in the factory Courage C65. Yves' team missed Monza, but stood the LMP2 Class on its ear from the 'Ring onwards.
A stall and a bump start should have cost them the win, but the WR was excluded, and Courage's revamped season was off to a flying start
Allan McNish - we've raved about his fastest lap before now, but what a classy performance he produced in Germany (and everywhere else of course).
DTM in '05....... that's more than mildly annoying, Herr Ullrich. From battling JJ at Sebring to calmly being so quick around Spa in an R8 (from the start of the first practice session), the Scot did nothing but enhance his reputation
This is Miguel Ramos at the wheel of the RML Lola, but the image is more significant if you click it and look at the sky. David Lord loves changeable weather!
We used this image in a post-race gallery - but it's such a fantastic one, we couldn't resist using it again. This is Stephane Daoudi at the wheel of the JMB Ferrari 360 GTC, a man entitled to feel disgruntled at season's end (he didn't race the car at Spa)
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