LMES – Nurburgring 1000 Kms – Friday Morning
Getting Going

We’re not up to speed here yet, after completing our journey first thing this morning, but the first session times are posted – and we have the following top five in each class:



A-Level Engineering
61 B-C Ferrari


So, in wet and very cold (for July) conditions, we’ve got a good shake-up in some of the classes – and the DBA fastest overall. Lister fourth, Jota fifth, Hignett trying hard, with a quick spin at the chicane to prove it.

The factory Courage was way quicker than anything else in LMP2, the Audi Sport UK Audis haven’t featured yet…. But notice the fastest car in GT, the JWR Porsche, on itd debut. It was also ninth fastest overall – Liddell at the wheel we think (just checking that). Ah, the team reports that the 2:04.102 was a "rogue time".

Anthony Kumpen (Force One Viper and GL-PK Viper in Belcar): “I’ve got a lot of driving this weekend – four sessions today, two sessions and a race tomorrow and a race on Sunday!”

Justin Keen: “I’m really just learning the track and the Lister. The car feels great, a bit different to the Judd but not too much. John did the time this morning and we’re both happy. I’m now definitely in the car for the last three LMES races, which is great news.”

Graeme Mundy (Peninsula TVR): “We’ve had no problems at all apart from the weather – it’s been a bit ……changeable.”

Wolfgang Kauffman (A-Level Porsche): “Everything is working very well, I wouldn’t say perfectly yet but very well. The team has done a fantastic job to be here but we still have a lot to do, engine mapping, brake balance, but in the wet we’re fine so far. This is the first ever Porsche 996 with carbon brakes, so there is a learning curve there too. The Michelins are working amazingly well in the wet but we need some running in the dry.”

Rick Pearson (Tracsport Lola): “We’ve had no real problems other than a minor gearbox niggle. I’ve just been out on very old rubber finding out about the car and the track. There’s been an awful lot of staying out of the way in that session, particularly when you find yourself in Capello’s flightpath!”

Robin Liddell (JWR Porsche): ”We went out on old tyres to start with and then I saw on the timing tower at the hairpin that we were down as fastest in class – that can’t be right, it must be a glitch. Having said that the car was very good.”

David Warnock (JMW Team Owner / Team Manager): “Both Mike and Robin were quick in the wet, very encouraging.”

Patrick Pearce (Rollcentre Dallara): “I’ve been out there pootling about just learning the way around here and settling in with the car so far.”

Martin Short: “We ran on inters at the start of the session and were briefly quickest before putting on the wets. Joao went out and splashed around and so did Patrick. We’ve got very good mechanical grip but there’s been some porpoising in the wet so were doing a spring change to get it sharper. We’re going to a Sebring set-up!”

The images are from Thursday afternoon, when the weather was brighter… no TK this weekend, as Seiji Ara demonstrates. The fourth image shows the Peninsula TVR next to the A-Level Engineering turbo Porsche.






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