LMES – Monza – Sunday Morning
Forecast Good

Audi Sport UK Team Veloqx has RaceMet on hand here (and at Le Mans and the other LMES races), giving the team very precise details regarding the weather in this area. On Friday, the prediction for when the first rain drops would fall were uncannily accurate, as was the duration of the storm. Yesterday afternoon, there were two thunder cells in this region, one 20 miles away, the other 16 – but the forecast was that they were fairly static, and wouldn’t encroach upon Monza. They didn’t.

We’d have to shoot anyone who knew today’s forecast details – but Gabriele Tosi says that the forecast on Italian TV this morning was for the possibility of showers this morning… although it doesn’t look like it as the warm up gets under way. It’s dry and bright.

The Audi experts here tells us that this is the 50th race for the Audi R8s, and the model has so far won 39 out of 49. A fascinating statistic, and the laws of probability would suggest that one of the three will make it 40 out of 50 by late this afternoon. John Hindhaugh will appreciate this information – as we appreciated learning from him that an R8 has never suffered an engine failure, since it made its debut in 2000. Did one of the R8Rs suffer an engine failure – or an R8C? We can’t remember one.

Unless the warm up throws up some unusual activity, the next you’ll hear from us will be the result at the end of the race: Gabriele is going to be out and about during the 1000 Kms, and there will be too much action going on to try and keep you up to date, and follow it all too, in the four classes. A full report will be posted before the Ed. leaves the media centre.

Scott Atherton and Don Panoz were interested observers yesterday. “Success here begets success for us in the ALMS,” commented Panoz CEO Scott Atherton. “Manufacturers will see a larger market place develop.”

It was a very smooth entry to the circuit this morning: it remains to be seen what sort of a crowd will gather here. Apparently the Italians came to the Super Racing Weekend to see the Alfa Romeos in the ETCC, rather than the 550s and 575s in the FIA GT race. Oh well. Gallic sort of shrugs….

These images (below) are from Saturday afternoon: RML in trouble, a puncture for Cirtek, driver change practice for the Zytek factory crew, the Goh Audi men doing the same, and Ranieri Randaccio (in the brown jacket) with his Tampolli.

Oh, Gabriele tells us that the Vitaphone Saleen is in engine trouble this morning, but the MAC Viper is fine after its Saturday morning accident.

Clarified to add... the Saleen had an oil leak, but it has been fixed. The off again on again Taurus Lola Judd is now a non starter: the team found they had inadequate parts to repair the gearbox the second time. The Pilbeam had an engine change after the warm up, but that looks as though it will be completed on time.

Michael Caine is full of confidence in the Chamberlain-Synergy TVR. "There's so much more development to come. This car could be unbelievably good. I set the qualifying time at a stage when we were short of straight line speed, and on the oil too... I was delayed on my best lap by... an Audi (passing me)."

Meanwhile, in the other TVR, John Hartshorne was sure that "we can get closer to the Synergy TVR, but it's not the car that needs to get better, it's us, the drivers." This team is thoroughly enjoying its collective first visit to Monza.

Some say it will rain, some say it won't, but the best estimate is that it probably won't.

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