LMES – Monza – Saturday Morning Pre Qualifying Report
Better Weather

Qualifying tyres: we understand from a team manager that the plan for qualifying is that each entry will have two sets of tyres marked for qualifying, and the organisers will choose which set the team will use to start the race. This immediately eliminates qualifying tyres, and allows each entry to have full use of one set during the two 45 minute sessions, while keeping one set back for the race, if necessary.

Will this mean that teams will restrict their running this afternoon?

With the weather this morning looking fine and fairly settled, perhaps the first session will see the majority of grid times set. We’ll see.

Completing yesterday’s news….

Taurus Diesel: the starter motor, which has a lot of work to do with such a high compression engine, failed yesterday morning, but a new one cured the problem. In the afternoon, a newly fitted soot extractor caused a backfire and a small engine fire. Still early days for this project: it only ran for the first time about six weeks ago.

The Taurus Lola Judd is still awaiting gearbox parts from the UK: Simon Dawson, son of Ian, is on his way, and the car should be out for this afternoon. Only Alex Muller has driven so far.

Michael Bartels somehow managed to cut his finger yesterday, rather badly, but Gabriele has sought the latest from Vitaphone, and the German will be fit to drive for the balance of the weekend.


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