TVR Set Sail For Le Mans

Photography by David Lord

Le Mans T400R At LLandow
Heading To Le Mans. "A nerve wracking prospect for all of us," says Peter Wheeler, TVR Chairman
Road Car & Race Car

Six Good Men & True - Stanton, Hay, Barff & Sugden, Caine, Jordan
Ready To Take On The Ferraris, Porsches, The Spyker Etc.
Off To Invincible

Anyone Feeling Air Sick? Richard Stanton On The Left
20,000 Tonnes Of HMS Invincible
“This is a excellent opportunity for the Royal Navy to show support for a British marque entering a world class race," said the ship's Commander.

"We can readily identify with the challenges that the TVR team face in racing at Le Mans."
Marvellous Sight
Best Of British - TVR, Invincible, Sea Harrier

Great Photograph
Don't Look Too Closely!
There Are Only Two Le Mans TVRs

Sea Harrier
Flight Deck
Sea King
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