Jon Field – On Intersport's Plans
dailysportscar.comHaving a “new” Riley & Scott at Road America was great for the fans, the drivers (Rick Sutherland and Clint Field), and the ALMS. Jon Field gave Ken May the run down on where his Intersport team is heading, this year and next.

KM: I was at T12, your right, when you had your little off on Saturday. Listening to my scanner, I heard you got air under all tires, but only fired of a couple pictures after you were slamming in the gravel. What happened?
JF: I was just trying too hard and got into it too hot. The problem with the MG is if you get off the gas, you lose 2/10ths or 3/10ths in every corner. So there is a fine line for staying committed all the way through or lifting and falling behind. And, well, I was committed and shot right off the track, you know, just understeer and off I went.

KM: In terms of sharing knowledge, how about Mr. Dyson and his team? Do you share ideas on how to make these ‘fickle’ MGs bullet proof?
JF: No, not really, I mean, they really, really have developed their car and have come a long way and you can easily see that in the last four to five races. Their front end has really got some unreal grip and we need to do that. It is not hard to see the difference between our cars and we really need to catch up or otherwise we will always be behind them.

dailysportscar.comKM: What was the thinking of getting the Riley & Scotts? Two of them right?
JF: That’s right, two of them and the thinking is the old Lola is past her time / day and you know, the R&S is a much better car. I like the Elan engine and it really gives Clint an opportunity to run up front.

KM: So, we will then be able to see three Banana Joe machines in the near future?
JF: Maybe, maybe a few races, but not for the entire season. Sebring, Petit and some others, but not year round.

KM: How about long term? What are your plans?
JF: You know, you never know with all of the series and the rules. You may hear something but don’t really know until the last minute, until they announce it. But we have heard that the two cars will be in the same class next year (675 & 900), so that also played into why I wanted to get into the Riley & Scott. It gives us options, if we need them. You know, the R&S is a very good car, so we will just have to see. Not a good answer for you, huh?

KM: Well, how about this question then. We fans have this “we vs. they” mentality and I am sure you know what I am alluding to, does that carry over to you? I asked Clint this at Putnam Park earlier in the year when they were testing there, but curious on your take.
JF: Well, I liked Grand Am.

KM: You know that dsc has asked me on occasion to report for GARRA so I’m not trying to open a can of worms here.
JF: I understand and it is a good question. I liked Grand Am, I just don’t like it now. I don’t like the cars, I don’t like the speed of the cars. I like open talk FAST cars. The fact they have slowed the cars, Ken, they are a lot slower than these cars and for me, I drive for the thrill you get inside the cockpit and the G-forces you get. That is just me, Grand Am has great people and the races are competitive: I like all of the guys over there and I will try to do the 24 Hours next year.

KM: Safe to say in the Multimatic?

JF: (Long pause) I really don’t know. Whatever may be available, but the 24 is a great race.

KM: OK, switching gears here, how did the agreement between you and Duncan (Dayton) come about?
JF: That is funny you asked that, we were just talking about that and I know you are trying to get some time with him. Rick introduced him to me as he raced with Scott Schubot, I don’t know about four to five years ago and he did a couple of races with us and from there it just clicked. He is an extremely fast guy in the car and gives good feedback in the car. He is not at all selfish, we just work great together.

KM: Will we be able to see this team and your son’s (driver) team intact for next year too?
JF: Yes, Rick’s contract is to do five or six races with us next year and he has raced with us for a long time.

KM: Duncan next year?
JF: Yes all year and also Larry Connors will be with us at Petit Le Mans. Larry is a really good Formula Atlantic driver, very quick. He will also do Sebring and Le Mans with us next year. We will have a strong line up.

KM: Sounds great and a strong line up: what is your favorite track that you would like this line up to win on, hands down in the ALMS?
JF: That’s easy, right here, Road America.

KM: Because?
JF: It is mean, it is a driver’s track, it is fast and the better drivers win here, no fluke.

KM: Jon, thanks for the time and wish you the best of luck the rest of the year and will see you again at Petit Le Mans.
JF: No problem and I will look for you.

Three Banana Joe cars at Petit a possibility, Duncan continuing to drive with Jon, Rick and Clint becoming faster in their “new” Riley and Scott, and Jon at Daytona? This team has their hands full, but you can’t help but pull for them and know they will succeed!


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