Seen At The 2004 Baxter Auto Parts Portland Historic Races
Gary Horrocks' light-hearted look at some of the machinery on display at Portland this weekend.

#1 Dick Barbour’s First Race Car
This 1960 Porsche 356 Super 90 Roadster was actually Dick Barbour’s first race car, back in the late 60’s.

dailysportscar.comIn 1967, it was owned by Dick’s Auto Motion business partner, Dieter Vongehr, but was totalled in a time trial accident at Riverside Raceway. Dick bought the car and rebuilt it into a full-blown racer. Dick campaigned the car throughout the Southwestern US in 1967 and 1968, winning many races and helping him earn his SCCA National Licence.

The car was sold in 1969 to a San Diego Porsche enthusiast. It car was forgotten about until it was found in the back of an auto dealership in 2003, when it was bought by current owner Mark Powell. After undergoing a mechanical restoration, the car has returned to the track. All efforts were made to keep the car in the markings as raced by Dick in that time period, including keeping the original paint and hand painted numbers.

dailysportscar.comNot much that can be said on this at all. The pictures tell the story. Sorry about the “Honey Bucket” in the background (does that mean toilet, Gary?).

How many generations between these two?

Meet the Beetles? I guess The Apple Corp did not sign off on this one, but a local radio station went ahead with it anyway. Yes, it should be The Beatles.

Yes, the original Lola GT still lives. For those that go back to the previous incarnations of, you may remember an article on this car, owned by Allen Grant. Most of Allen’s time has been spent on getting his Cobra back on the track, but he still has hopes of getting his Lola, the original show car, back on the tarmac in the near future.


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