Rolex Monterey Gallery 2 - 14 August 2004

Photography by Gary Horrocks

Well It Is California And It Is A Lifeguard Car
1960 Maserati T61 - That's Why They Call It A Birdcage
1960 Maserati T61 Birdcage

1962 Porsche 804 F1
1965 Ford GT-40
1966 Porsche 906

1967 Porsche 910
1971 March 711 - Memories Of Ronnie
1971 Porsche 908-3 with Brian Redman Driving

1974 Alfa Romeo 33TT 12
1975 BMW CSL
Top Of Gary Horrocks' Wish List - A CSX Serial Number?

Unmistakeable 917 In Gulf Colours - Just For You Rick Wilson
  dailysportscar.comA history lesson from Peter Brock - the designer - which came about as a result of our coverage of the Le Mans Classic last month. “There NEVER was such an animal as an AC Shelby Cobra. There WERE, of course, AC Cobras (built under license from Carroll that had COB serial numbers, but all California built cars are Shelby Cobras and have CSX serial numbers.) All six Daytona Coupes are therefore Shelby Daytona Cobras, not AC Daytona Cobras or AC Shelby Cobras etc. True Cobras, even though the chassis were constructed by AC, have CSX serial numbers and manufacturer ID plates that state the origin. These cars were “built” by Shelby American in Venice California, AC being simply a subcontractor to Shelby American. If there’s any ever any question as to what a car should be called, simply check the manufacturer’s ID plate. COB serial numbers (mostly right hand drive cars for the home market) are rightly AC Cobras. AC did build a few left hand drive COB cars for the European market, but most buyers in Europe tended to buy directly from California.”
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