The 1964-65 ‘Can Am’ Lang Cooper
Just thought you and the readers might like to see what we just finished after two years of restoration – writes Peter Brock.

It’s an old sports-racer from the pre-Can Am days. I designed this body over a regular Cooper Monaco chassis for a guy named Craig Lang. I think it’s the only “American” Cooper ever built - although there was the Zerex Special too, of course.

He had it built here in California for racer Dave MacDonald. It ran in the ’64-65 era. We just had it up for a test at Willow Springs last week with John Morton driving. Runs good! It’ll return to Europe later this year, as the new owner lives in Switzerland, so don’t be too surprised to see it at Goodwood or Le Mans.

PS In other Peter Brock news, a wild rumor this week has another of his early designs surfacing in Monterey this August. The current owner of the ‘65 Shelby-DeTomaso P70 (fifth image, below) swears he’s going to have it in running condition at the Pebble Beach Concours.


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