The Planes of Fame Museum

Photography by Gary Horrocks

A few miles away from both the Fontana Speedway and the NHRA Museum is the home of a large collection of aviation history. The Planes of Fame museum is located at Chino Airport, near, appropriately enough, Chino California. Gary Horrocks called in last Sunday (December 19) - and provides these wonderful images.

Surrounded by correctional facilities and cow pastures, which smelt rather strongly, especially when driving through with the top down, this collection of aircraft is quite extensive and is probably one of the largest in the Western States. Some of the facilities are a bit run down and ragged, but that just adds to the charm of the facility.

The display is impressive, featuring as it does many unique planes, most in flying condition. Any place that has three Spitfires is all right by me. Enjoy this look at the past and be glad that there are those who are dedicated to preserving what was, so that we and those of the future can enjoy them, and reflect….

A Hawker Hurricane, Among Others
Cockpit Of A B17
First Combat Rocket ME 163

Heinkel HE162
Mid Engined P39
P47 Thunderbolt

Pre WWII Boeing P26
Tail Of A Corsair And A Hellcat
The Famous Gee Bee Racer

The Origins Of The Flying Wing Concept
Two Of The Three Spitfires Are Visible In This Shot. Why Is It Blue, Gary? And What's That Car In The Foreground?
Unusual View Of A P38

Iain MacBeth provides the answers: For info, the Spitfire is a Mk. XIX, which was built as an unarmed photo reconnaisance version, with a 2 stage RR Griffon engine - only 225 built apparently. PS890 was originally fitted with a single five blade prop, but is fitted with a contrarotating prop, courtesy of the Shackleton - the cone is missing on this shot. I suspect it is painted blue either because it was a photo-reconniasance plane, and/or because it was operating in the tropics.

And the convertible is 'just' a Porsche.

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