Grand Am – Watkins Glen – Friday Report
#58 Leads The Way – Three Up

With Scott Goodyear joining Mike Borkowski and David Donohue for the six hour event, the #58 Brumos Porsche was atop the timesheets in both sessions on Friday, Donohue’s best coming in the first session, a 1:49.248 – a second and a half quicker than the other DPs at that time, and remaining so after the afternoon session.

“This is our pivotal month,” said Borkowski. “If we have a strong June and win a couple of these (races), or hopefully all of them, we'll be close to Hurley (Haywood) and JC (France) in points unless they have some really bad luck. Then maybe we'll be right there. Even assuming they do a decent job, I think we'll still be behind in points but we'll be within striking distance and it's going to come down to the last race or two.

“It's got to be being consistent and winning," said Mike Borkowski, “we can't loaf through it at all."

Well, they didn’t today, comfortably fastest, as they have been most of the year so far. Chris Dyson joins points leaders Hurley Haywood and JC France, who were fifth fastest at the end of the day – a 1:51.194.

“We had some shock issues that we were working through,” explained Haywood. “We've got a pretty good handle on it. It's pretty bumpy in a couple of places.” He elaborated on the fact that the GTS cars have more power, and Watkins Glen is a power circuit – but reliability ought to favour the DPs.

dailysportscar.comThe factory Mosler was second fastest in the (largely) quicker second session, Joao Barbosa paired with Justin Bell again.

Third quickest overall was Terry Borcheller, hot-footing it back from Le Mans to set a 1:50.860, barely slower than Barbosa. Fourth was another GTS runner, the Metcalf / Carelli / Liniger Corvette, so with the white Brumos car fifth, the Picchio sixth and the returning Cegwa Sport Toyota-powered Fabcar tenth, the DPs are spread throughout the top ten at the moment.

The Ferrari of Washington #33 Ferrari 360GT of Cort Wagner and Brent Martini was quickest in GT, seventh overall, faster than the Essex Racing SRPll Lola and the Heritage Mustang.



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