March Editorial – Two Things

Number Of dsc Users
We prefer to keep most of the details of dailysportscar’s website statistics to ourselves, but they do make amazing reading.

For example, in February, nearly a million pages were looked at by your good selves. Can you feel a “but” coming here?

The “but” is that it isn’t just our subscribers looking at the site. We do understand the temptation to let a friend look at the site, using your username and password. Well, it doesn’t do any harm, does it?

Of course, the reality is that it does. We’ve watched the number of so-called “unique visitors” grow during recent months. This term actually means the number of different computers, from different access points, that log into the site, and of course we understand that a good number of you will log in from work, from home, from a hotel, from a circuit – from wherever you happen to be, which is fine. But the number of “unique visitors” – while in one respect a sign that dsc is very popular, and therefore very pleasing to us – is now getting out of hand. The website stats. are amazingly detailed, and of course they tell us which of you are the “big users”. Some of you would have to be on the site 24 hours a day!

So we know who you are…..

Here’s a request, for now. Use the “Your Account” link on the main menu and go in and change your password. And then contact anyone who might be using your password and let them know what you have done – with a polite request that they sign up themselves.

You see, when we put a system in place that allows access by a log-in only once at any one time, you might well find that you, the registered user, cannot get into the site. Worse still, if someone else uses your log-in and changes the password, you won’t be able to get in at all (without a plea for help, from us).

Short term, if the situation doesn’t improve, we’ll have to change your password (you ‘multiple users’), regularly if necessary, and let you know each time, with all the hassle that involves.

Let’s Go Racing
Right, onto more motorsport-related matters.

The two GA races have thrown up more than their fair share of controversy and interest, but for us, the season really gets into gear at Sebring.

After the dismal entertainment provided by the single seaters in Melbourne, we’ve got far more interesting things to look forward to. Not 84 minutes of follow-my-leader, but 12 hours of real racing, with all the nuances that endurance racing provides for us.

What was it Scott Atherton said last October? “It is not a series for everyone - we demand that they (privateers) compete against the best.”

For anyone taking on the likes of the R8s, the Corvettes, or Alex Job’s Porsches, that’s exactly what the privateers will be doing: and in terms of these three teams / cars, they can only do it in the ALMS. These are the established top teams / cars in the series, in three of the classes. LMP2 now provides one team with the pooortunity to set the the standard there.

Roll on the Mobil1 12 Hours of Sebring – and if you’re not there, enjoy the radio web coverage, and the live TV….. and if there’s the odd disappointment with the entry list, just rejoice in who and what is on display.
Malcolm Cracknell


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