New Zulltec LMP2

Yves Cazard at Zulltec forwards details of the new CZ-01 LMP2 contender, which is planned to be ready to take to the grid at Le Mans in 2006.

The manufacturer is based at Seine et Marne, 45 km east of Paris, and one of its stated objectives is to construct both LMP2 and LMP1 prototypes.

The LMP2 design has been handled by Aero Concept Engineering (ACE), with aerodynamics developed in the former Prost F1 wind tunnel. A one-third scale model was built by ACE, for wind tunnel work.

Rivoyre Ingénierie, based in the south of France, specialising in the structural analysis of carbon fibre structures, is handling the laminate design of the composites chassis.

Currently, the complete aerodynamic wind tunnel programme is complete, and the first chassis has been finished. Bodywork moulds and parts are also ready, and mechanical and electronics design and specifications are at an advanced stage.

A crash test is scheduled for September.

The specifications of the Zulltec LMP2 are typically LMP2, but with a Ricardo transmission mated to an MCT 3.4 litre V8 engine. MCT is Menard Competition Technologies (MCT), which acquired TWR Engines at Kidlington, in 2003.

Zulltec has two objectives with its LMP2. The complete chassis and engine package is for sale to customers at a price of 480 000 €.

Alternatively, the company is looking to form an association with a car manufacturer, one wishing to compete in its own name.

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