British GT Championship – Race 1 – Quick Report
Wetter & Wetter

The victors in the penultimate race of the British GT Championship were Scuderia Ecosse (a 1-2) and Tech 9 – so nothing unusual there… except that Phil Hindley’s team had ‘two’ new boys at the wheel, in Ian McKellar and James Murphy.

The other winner was the weather, which became wetter and wetter as the race progressed. Silverstone just doesn’t drain well, and some drivers really didn’t like the awful conditions. A Safety Car period (which ended two laps from the end) saw a mad three minute thrash, in which the significant event was Ben Collins’ front wheel hitting Michael Caine’s rear – the Embassy Porsche hanging onto third, the Eurotech bounced down to fifth, behind the Jones brothers.

Perhaps the main event of the day related to 2006: we’ll follow up that news in due course.

Driver of the day? Nathan Kinch, who eased away from the Embassy 911 RSR at almost a second a lap in the opening (less wet) period of the race. David Ashburn was the star of GT3.

The result is currently provisional.

This is that less wet period, below - the start.


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