British GT Championship – Silverstone – Preview
Five to Go

After the long gap since Castle Combe in June, and with five races left this season (Silverstone, two at Mondello, then two more at Silverstone in October), the GT2 Drivers’ Championship is all but decided in favour of one of the Scuderia Ecosse pairs.

Kinch & Kirkaldy 78
Mullen & Nirachos 48
Caine & Jordan 35
Collins & Cunningham 32.

As Lindsay Morle, Scuderia Ecosse’s PR explains, “If Kinch and Kirkaldy finish in the points and ahead of the Jordan/Caine Porsche, then Scuderia Ecosse will win the Drivers’ Championship. All that will remain to be decided is whether it goes to Kinch and Kirkaldy or Mullen and Niarchos!”

Both Ferraris will obviously be at Mondello Park next month, to help sort that one out.

“It is vitally important for us to nail the British Championship as soon as possible so we'll be out for victory as usual,” says Andrew Kirkaldy. “It should be a fun weekend."

If you’re in a Ferrari Andrew, yes it should. And if you say “that was a straightforward win” once more….

GT3 points are just about as clear-cut as in GT2:
Masarati & Deverikos 64
Bryant 34
Simonsen / Finnemore / Lester / Beighton 32
Attard / Adams 30
Britnell 29
Smyth / Hulford 24
Rich / Burton / Westwood / Ahlers 23

It’s four wins for the leaders, the other five victories spread among five different pairings – hence the close battle for runner-up spot in GT3.

The entry in this class is substantial at Silverstone this week, for the two hour race. There are 31 in total (the appeal of the GP track?), comprising four invitation (non-points scoring) GT3s, ten GT2s and an impressive 17 GT3s.

Dimitris Deverikos will be hot-footing it from Greece, Piers Masarati (with a girlfriend and not a bride) from Las Vegas – and Allan Simonsen beats them both in air-miles by jetting in from Australia again. Have the Tech 9 pair beaten the BA strike at Heathrow? Were they flying BA in the first place? Let’s hope not – or that they landed before Thursday’s chaos.

“Phil – I’m stuck in Las Vegas, I didn’t get married and if Dimitris drives on his own, I’ve just blown any chance of the Championship. Have you got a gun or a noose?”

Hopefully it won’t come to that!

Update: Piers is back. Virgin into Gatwick this morning. No way BA.

Last year’s fixture with the LMES nearly drove us (and some of the teams) mad with two races on Sunday: this time it’s one two hour event, and all the better for it. It is endurance racing after all – isn’t it?


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