Belcar – Zolder Masters – Preview and Qualifying

The race itself will be decisive for the GTB championship, all of the other champions having been decided already known.

The #36 Thiers Porsche and the #32 RTM Porsche can both still win the GTB crown. If Franz Lamot and Bart Couwberghs are the faster team, the Thiers brothers still have an advantage in the standings. What could play a role is a number of other fast GTB-cars including the Gillet, the #42 Van Moerkerke Porsche and the AD GT-3 that could be take away points from one of the title contenders.

So, it will be an open race, and a last chance for the Kuismanen Viper and SRT Corvette to beat the GLPK Viper.

47 cars arrived for the 1st session. A beautiful Mercedes CLK, the Gillet and the Beliën BMW Z3 (2001 GTB champion) are the ‘specials’ for this 50th race.

RTM also seems to determinate to party as they put a 996 RSR engine in the #31 Goossens car. Marc is delighted and puts the GTB Porsche on the front row next to the Kuismanen Viper.

The ex Cadillac works driver posting a stunning 1.32 on the timesheets

The second session sees no significant changes, Kuismanen keeps the pole, followed by Goossens.

1. #4 Kuismanen Viper 1.31.958
2. #31 RTM Porsche 996 GT3-RS 1.32.110 GTB
3. #14 RTM Porsche Biturbo 1.33.021
4. #2 GLPK Viper 1.33.310
5. #5 SRT Corvette 1.33.574
6. #44 Gilet Vertigo 1.33.594 GTB
7. #18 Eurotech Marcos Mantis 1.34.602
8. #19 Eurotech Marcos Mantis 1.35.011
9. #32 RTM Porsche 996 GT3-R 1.35.307 GTB
10. #20 AD Porsche 993 Biturbo 1.35.377

16. #16 Van Bellingen BMW STW (1st in Touring)

Joost Custers


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