Belcar Open Nissan - Zolder - Saturday Report
Wet Across NW Europe

Torrential rain at Magny-Cours (FIA GTs)today, so let’s have more of the same at Zolder.

The first qualifying session was wet, very wet...Marc Duez (Belmondo Viper - 1.44.281) took over the provisional pole from Marc Goossens only a few laps before the end. Kuismanen (Viper - 1.45.216) also went a few hundredths quicker and took second place. Goossens, in his GTB RTM-Porsche (1.45.239) still ended up an excellent third followed by Dupont / Cohen in the GLPK Viper (1.45.425) and Gosselin / Vosse in the second Belmondo Viper (1.45.469).

Surprisingly quick was the Gillet Vertigo in sixth spot (1.46.392). Kenis and Severich (G&A BMW) were 10th quickest and first in touring.

The second qualifying session was fairly uneventful – and still wet. The main news was the official retirement of the #20 AD Porsche Biturbo owing to an accident in
the first qualifying session. Tim Verbergt crashed heavily and AD are not able to repair the car.

The top 10 remained the same:

1) #22 Belmondo-Duez Chrysler Viper 1.44.281
2) #4 Kuismanen-Hasenbichler Chrysler Viper 1.45.216
3) #31 Goossens Penders RTM Porsche 996 GT3-RS 1.45.239 (GTB)
4) #2 Dupont-Cohen GLPK Chrysler Viper 1.45.425
5) #17 Gosselin-Vosse Chrysler Viper 1.45.469
6) #44 Ugeux-Van Vaerenbergh Gillet Vertigo 1.46.392 (GTB)
7) #1 Hart-Bouvy GLPK Porsche Biturbo 1.46.889
8) #6 Geboers-Meulders Porsche Biturbo 1.48.503
9) #57 Kenis-Severich G&A BMW GTR 1.48.681 (TA)
10) #34 Menten-Maes AD Porsche 996 GT3-RS 1.48.854 (GTB)

First in TB: Van Delm-De keersmaecker G&A BMW 320 STW 1.53.001

Note: #20 AD Porsche Biturbo set the eighth best time but will not start..

Tomorrow is expected to be dry, so the starting order seems to be less
important than it might have been. This also explains the very sensible driving in the second session.

Patrick Selleslagh explained that their Corvette finally had the right set-up in the rain. They tried everything during the first session and only managed to finish 15th on the grid. The car was much better during the second session but the conditions prevented them from setting a better time. On Thursday, Didier Defourny carried out a lot of work for the team by going around Zolder and changing the settings on
the car. The car is much better as a result, and the team is very confident for the race.

Rudy Penders from RTM hopes to see a dark sky and lots of water on the track. "The Porsche," he said, "has a real chance for overall victory if the conditions are bad, certainly at Zolder. The car has so much torque and the balance is excellent so we might chase the Vipers."

And finally, Fred Bouvy damaged the GLPK Porsche Biturbo but the car will be fixed for tomorrow.
Joost Custers


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