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ALMS – Chevy Presents Petit Le Mans – Hours 3, 4 & 5
Midway Report

JJ Lehto continued to lead and carried a one-lap cushion over the second place team car of Kaffer and Herbert, having lapped Herbert at the three hour mark.


The stop and go penalty for avoidable contact assessed to Kaffer has put them behind. It hasn’t been smooth sailing for the #38 though, it has sustained damaged to the left front bodywork, (dive planes and wheel arch vents). Marco Werner, “My opening stint was very good, we had a nice fight with James. The traffic is tough, we have damage that has cost us some downforce. The car is still okay; I just had to change the way I drive the car to compensate. We are still pushing very hard, you need every second you can get here.”

Just about the half way mark, a spin for Peter Kox in the third-placed #5 Lamborghini (on the van der Steur Lola’s oil) brought out a full course caution, which, saw the #2 Audi get a wave-by, onto the lead lap.

The Creation DBA Zytek was taken behind pit wall with engine problems. The team clarified that it was an oil pump failure. It’s not known if the engine was damaged, but the team will complete the repair and try and rejoin the race. Just in, the DBA Zytek has now been officially retired due to engine failure.

The #20 Dyson Lola was able to capitalize on Creation’s trouble and have moved up to third place. They are currently (at half way) five laps behind the leaders, much of that was lost when they had to replace the starter. Chris Dyson completed his double stint and Jan Lammers is back in the car and turning very competitive lap times. Jan Lammers: “The car is pretty good, the starter has really cost us.”

Paddle shift problems followed by radiator and cooling problems (after the hit from the Lamborghini) has put the pole sitting #16 Dyson some 34 laps down. There are back out and running times that match the leaders. Rob Dyson: “The #20 is still in third, I hope we can get a podium finish. We could still win it, you never know.”

Many laps back with a broken clutch is the Intersport P1 Lola. The car is behind the wall and repairs are currently ongoing.


The last two hours saw a beautiful battle for the lead in the P2 class between the Intersport Lola and the Miracle Courage. After pitstops during a yellow the Lola with Milka Duno was in the lead nearly a full lap ahead of James Gue. Gue chipped away at the lead lap after lap, until finally catching and passing the Lola nearly one hour later. He held the lead briefly then pitted for service and driver change. No sooner did Ian James get up to speed than the Courage suddenly died on course – just after the three hour mark. What a huge disappointment as the Lola had also just pitted and Clint Field was in to resume the fight. An early report from Miracle is a possible alternator failure. Ian James had just told us, as he was set to take over, that the car was “really good, everything is perfect”.


The Corvettes are motoring along, first and second in class, on the same lap, usually just seconds apart, and looking invincible. The #3 car of Ron Fellows has been holding the class lead for some time now and when asked if he had an eye on the overall podium for his car. Ron responded with a smile and a thumbs up. The only complaint the Corvette guys had was the heat and the slippery track conditions.

“There is something going wrong with the engine,” reports Terry Borcheller. The ACEMCO Saleen lost a few laps when the cool suit box blew up all over Johnny Mowlem’s lap. More time was lost as the team replaced the fuel pump, hoping that was the engine problem. Then they replaced the injectors.

Not many happy campers in the GT class, especially Kevin Buckler: “We have been screwed three times now by the yellow flags, it’s so frustrating. The car is good, the drivers are doing good. We just got to keep after it, it’s a long race yet.” The #66 Racers Group was up as high as third, but now have dropped back to fifth. The Alex Job cars are running first and second and have a full lap lead over the third placed Petersen-White car. The lead changed just after half way, Dumas passing Bernhard.

Risi Ferrari, the lone 360 left in the field, has had the same bad luck with the cautions periods. Anthony Lazzaro explains: “The car was real good during my stint, we had moved up to third. We just had really bad timing with the yellow flags, one came out while we were in the pits, that dropped us from third to sixth.”

A broken drive shaft and an air jack not working properly erased the hard work Piers Maserati had done in the PK Sport Porsche. A second broken driveshaft just after the pit entrance eliminated the yellow #60.

Mike Lewis has a broken collar bone.

Five Hour Positions
1 38 P1 Marco Werner 204 0.000 1:13.813
2 2 P1 Pierre Kaffer 203 1 Lap 1:14.354
3 20 P1 Jan Lammers 199 1:14.339
4 3 GTS Johnny O`Connell 194 1:19.713
5 4 GTS Olivier Beretta 194 2.456 1:19.293
6 30 P2 Robin Liddell 192 1:18.226
7 23 GT Timo Bernhard 186 1:24.420
8 24 GT Romain Dumas 186 32.583 1:24.347
9 13 P2 Andy Lally 186 36.179 1:21.294
10 31 GT Craig Stanton 185 1:25.011
11 5 GTS Peter Kox 184 1:21.772
12 44 GT Seth Neiman 183 1:24.845
13 35 GT Anthony Lazzaro 183 10.090 1:24.812
14 66 GT Patrick Long 183 35.444 1:24.813
15 79 GT Tim Sugden 182 1:25.289
16 56 P2 Chris McMurry 181 1:21.967
17 45 GT Johannes van Overbeek 180 1:24.501
18 43 GT Leo Hindery 180 3.505 1:24.052
19 93 GT Stephane Ortelli 180 4.586 1:25.528
20 67 GT Pierre Ehret 180 40.542 1:26.458
21 8 GT Andrew Davis 176 1:27.587
22 71 GTS Jean Philippe Belloc 170 1:21.675
23 16 P1 James Weaver 170 12.966 1:14.295
24 6 GTS Joe Fox 168 1:23.991
25 63 GTS Terry Borcheller 163 1:20.571
26 27 P1 Jamie Campbell Walter 130 1:14.482
27 10 P2 Ian James 128 1:18.421
28 60 GT Ian Donaldson 127 1:27.445
29 50 GT Gunnar Jeannette 123 1:25.018
30 19 P2 Erik van der Steur 107 1:26.402
31 37 P1 Jon Field 99 1:14.823
32 92 GT Andrea Montermini 64 1:24.781
33 12 P1 Michael Lewis 12 1:18.506
34 78 GT Manuel Matos 11 1:30.178


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