Shrimpton & Ahlers In The Morgan
Neil Cunningham and Adam Sharpe Drove the LM-GT spec. Morgan Aero 8 ‘double-handed’ at Le Mans last week – but for Bathurst, in the Richard Thorne ‘Cup’ Class B car, they’ll be joined by Morgan expert Keith Ahlers and British GT sensation Tom Shrimpton.

Ahlers and Cunningham (with Adam Sharpe towards the end of the season) raced Morgans against each other this year, and once Tom Shrimpton switched to a Porsche – they all raced against him as well.


The 17 year old (you must be just 18 now Tom?) famously won the Cup Class of the British GT Championship at the Spa 1000 Kms, partnering Liz Halliday and Amanda Stretton in a Tech 9 Porsche – and now all four can race against Ms. Halliday at Bathurst. The blond lady (driving a DeWalt TVR last weekend) races a Group A GT3-RS in the 24 Hours.

Complicated isn’t it, when they switch cars and partners?

“Experience, skill, youth, energy, enthusiasm and sheer determination,” is how Morgan Team Manager David Dowse describes the Morgan line-up.

“I’m sure Tom will gain tremendously from working with experienced hands like Keith and Neil, and the team will gain a lot from his youth and enthusiasm.”

It really would be an astonishing record if Shrimpton could win his class at Spa (on his debut) as a 17 year old and then Bathurst (on his debut) as an eighteen year old.

www.morganworks.com will keep readers up to date throughout the 24 hours event.



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