Bathurst 24 Hours – Warm-Up Report

Just twenty four cars went out for the very, very, very wet warm-up session at 08.15 this morning.

At the time you could easily believe that the leaden skies were set for the next seventy two hours, but amid predictions that you cannot predict the weather here at all, it did stop raining ninety minutes later, and as of this writing, conditions could be very much better for the race. It's looking like a dry start, at least.

Paul Morris in the Falken Tyres Porsche and David Brabham in the BE Racing Ferrari were first and second fastest this morning, ahead of the Pretty and Brock-driven Monaros. The pair compare notes, below.


Tim Harvey, Peter Floyd and Jurgen Alzen were next, all in Porsches, so wet conditions should favour the flat sixes, as expected.

Tony Quinn was next in another 911, the VIP Pet Foods car, with Allan Simonsen in the Lamborghini and John Bowe in the big Bimmer next.

VJ Angelo was an outstanding 11th in his 23.

A wet race should, could be a Porsche race [shades of Spa in July] but a dry race will favour the Monaros. If it is wet though, has any one 911 got a driver line-up to match Brabs. and Co? The Alzen car (below)? But we hear the BE Ferrari has an electrical issue this morning.



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