Bathurst 24 Hours – Thursday Wrap Up
Ooh, this has been a long one, down under. Long, fairly uneventful - but fascinating in its own right for the characters and conversations coming to the fore, before the track action opens tomorrow. We hope the information posted already gives you a good flavour of this track and event.

It's going to be three hectic days, isn't it, Graham Nash? "That's how it should be. We're just getting final preprations sorted out - driver changes, wheel change practices etc."

None of that for Martin Short: the poor chap is stuck in town with an eye infection. Mosler driving partner Charles Lamb is prepared to drive for eight hours rather than six, but doesn't believe for a minute that it will be necessary. Keeping Short out of his own car at Bathurst? - absolutely impossible.


More from the Mosler crew tomorrow: we haven't caught up with all of them yet.

The weather has been a topic of slight concern: perhaps thundery showers on Saturday and Sunday. After this year of drought, will both of November's endurance races end up run at least partly in the wet?

If so, how will that affect the thundering Monaros? Perhaps 450 bhp of Mosler LS6 power will be sufficient? Or will a wet track favour the traction of the Porsches?

Some of the answers over pace will become apparent tomorrow: we can't wait for the event proper to start.


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