Bathurst 24 Hours – TAFE University
Darrell Dixon pointed out one of the behind the scenes activities that goes on here – the
car repairs taken on by TAFE University students.

One of the paint sprayers, Brent Singh, explained that TAFE students from all over
Australia applied to make this event part of their apprenticeship. He is in the second year of a four year course, and when he qualifies he’ll find it “easier to find a job with this qualification.”


Brent is joined here by Nathan Dewer (right), James McKinlay (left) and Belinda Saunders, and it was the young lady (above) who had the honour of spraying the front of a very distinctive car.


A couple of dents had appeared in the front panel in transit to Australia. Students in the neighbouring panel beating shop behind the paddock here had knocked out the dents impeccably.

Darrell Dixon’s repair story – a rather more significant one than two little dents – relates to Mercedes Stermitz’s big accident here in 1987, in qualifying for the 1000 Km. The team were packing up to go home, but the students were given a chance to show their prowess, and by Saturday the BMW was allegedly handling better than it had done before the crash.

Let’s hope no one else has to use the services of this group of talented young people this week – at least not in Mercedes Stermitz style.


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