Bathurst 24 Hours – Cirtek's Involvement Here
Rob Schirle is just the man to clear up his involvement (that is his Cirtek team's involvement) in entries here at Bathurst - which inevitably leads to what happens next after the 24 Hours.

Despite being the entrant of the Baron-Engelhorn Ferrari at the Le Mans 1000 Km - the class winner of course - "we're not involved with Karl and Klaus here. Their entry at Bathurst was sorted out long before we helped them at Le Mans."

So the Brabham, Montermini, Peter and Engelhorn Ferrari 360 (#48) is specifically a BE Racing effort (but entered by PHR Scuderia here!), "but we will be helping them at Daytona early next year," explains Schirle, "just as we did at Le Mans."


So is the Brabham etc. car here the same spec. 360 as the Le Mans winner? "No, this 360 is a standard 2001 Michelotto chassis, from 2001."

And the Daytona car? "At the moment that should be a car built by Mastercar in Italy, but that may change - we'll have two cars at the Daytona Test Days, and the second one could well be the Le Mans winner."

So back to Bathurst - and the two 'Cirtek' entries.

The #8 Porshe 911 GT3-RS (below) is actually entered by Peter Floyd, for himself, Ian and Andrew Donaldson (father and son) and Liz Halliday. It is running in the colours of Floyd Parks / Kawasaki / Team Green.


The #24 Porsche, last year's blue and silver Cirtek car, is driven by Tim Harvey, Jonathan Rowland, Melinda Price and Herman Tilke: the latter is the FIA track designer who has had an involvement in the design of 27 tracks worldwide, including recent projects at Bahrain and Shanghai - and the reworking of the first corner at the Nurburgring. FIA track designer comes to Bathurst - interesting contrast.

Cirtek will have a different Porsche again at Daytona in January / February - but this item is confusing enough already!


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